Vancouver Titans Roster Preview

Harsha breaks down the Vancouver Titans roster for OWL Season 2.

The Vancouver Titans enter the Overwatch League as one of the most storied rosters before even setting foot on stage. Mostly built from fan-favorite team RunAway, the core players of the roster went through numerous struggles and iterations before finally achieving success domestically—now they look to build upon a win in Contenders Korea 2018 Season 2 with a top placing in the Overwatch League.

Leading the Vancouver Titans is Chung-hee "Stitch" Lee, a RunAway mainstay who is renowned for his prowess on hitscan heroes. His Tracer is known for both clutch heroics and consistency throughout his pro career, while over the past year he diversified his hero pool in order to become an even bigger threat from the DPS role. 

Known best for numerous montages of flashy plays, Hyo-jong "Haksal" Kim forms the second part of the original RunAway DPS duo. He is notorious for massive value in his Genji and Pharah, and overall he is considered to be one of the most fearsome and aggressive DPS players in the world.

The most flexible player in the world, Sang-beom "Bumper" Park has done it all. Originally an off-tank player, he moved to Lucio to fill a void just months later. Bumper reinvented himself as one of the world's best main tanks in Contenders Korea, leading many to call him the most valuable free agent after Overwatch League's inaugural season.

Jjanu joined the RunAway roster in APEX Season 4 and immediately helped propel the team to its second finals appearance. He's best known for his D.Va play but carries a high impact Zarya and some surprise picks as well to help the team when need be. 

Twilight came out of Contenders Korea Season 2 as one of the two best flex supports in free agency and is particularly talented on both his Zenyatta and Ana. First known for bringing Sombra to the flex support role, he's an aggressive innovator who will compete with the best in the world.

Joining the RunAway team after the final season of APEX, Slime serves as the main support of the Vancouver Titans with big performances on Lucio and Mercy. During RunAway's Contenders Korea Season 2 victory, Slime was seen making clutch plays at the end of the Grand Finals, helping the team finally achieve a first place finish. 

Seominsoo is another incredibly flexible player, known for using Hanzo, McCree, and Zarya. He brings new blood to the Vancouver Titans roster and helped energize the DPS core of RunAway after joining during the beginning of Contenders Korea. His hero pool is unique and compliments the characters that Stitch and Haksal can bring out.

Hooreg rounds out the DPS core of the Vancouver Titans bringing his classic hitscan play. Originally a title-winner on GC Busan during APEX Season 4, Hooreg helped London Spitfire take a Stage title in Overwatch League's 2018 season and later moved to RunAway where he won another title. He looks to continue this success in professional Overwatch with the Vancouver Titans.

Rapel joins the core 8 players from Element Mystic, a team noted for incredible potential. He adds depth and a different playstyle to the roster from the flex support position, where he and Twilight will both see time. His noted Zenyatta is famous for continually helping Element Mystic make solid runs in Contenders Korea playoffs.